Drinking water regularly is important for your health, especially in the 35-degree weather. The following list of ten drinking fountains in the center of Prague will refresh you and help you prevent fainting in the summer heat.

1. Under the Charles Bridge

If walking through the Charles Bridge was enough to drain you of any liquids, then make sure to make a stop under the Charles Bridge towards the direction of Kampa Park. The drinking fountain was installed next to a children’s playground in 2012. 


2. Kampa Island

If you go straight to Kampa from Charles Bridge, you can refresh yourself at the playground, next to the Museum.


3. Jilská Street

Make a stop in Jilská Street if you are around Národní třída. The iron water fountain has been quenching thirst here since 2012.


4. Vodičková Street

A small benched area in Vodičková Street off of Wenceslas Square has a modern drinking fountain, which is tall enough so that you do not have to bend over too much.


5. Františkánská Garden

Two more drinking fountains close to Wenceslas Square are located at Mustek in the beautiful Františkánská Garden.


6. Vrchlického Orchards

Two cast iron fountains can be found by the children’s playground in Vrchlického Orchards in Nové Město. The fountains were installed more than ten years ago.


7. Petřín

Another drinking fountain can be found in the playground next to the hospital at Petřín. The fountain was designed to be accessible for people with disabilities as well.


8. Petrské náměstí

A popular fountain is located by the church on Petrské Square, not far away from Palladium.


9. Za Haštalem Street

Za Haštalem Street is close to Dlouhá and the Convent of Saint Agnes. The drinking fountain is at a convenient yet quiet location, tucked away in a corner by a playground.


10. Slovanský Ostrov

You will be able to find a drinking fountain on Slovanský Island on Vltava. Unsurprisingly, it is located right next to a children’s playground.



Photo: Blesk.cz