Christian refugees from Mosul who now live in camps in Levo Iraq hold a prayer session for the thousands of fellow Christians who have had to flee Mosul from the terror group the Islamic State. The UN estimates that 50,000 Christians are now internally displaced (Photo by Gail Orenstein/NurPhoto/Sipa USA)

16 Christian refugees hosted in Brno thanks to the project of charity fund Generace 21, have decided to leave the country and flee back to Iraq.

The news has been reported to the Czech television by the Czech Minister of Interior, Milan Chovanec.

Last week the refugees were about to escape to Germany but have been blocked at the frontier by German police.

Hosted in the immigration structure “Screensaver u Brna”, they were part of the 153 refugees chosen for the project of resettlement for Christians from Syria, which was cancelled two weeks ago by the government.

Most of the refugees have decided to remain in the Czech Republic, but some of them tried to search for a new solution, flying back to Iraq was one of them.

Minister Chovanec believes that project Generace 21 has to pay for the comeback expenses.

Now they are detained at the frontier.

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