1. Cobblestones. It doesn’t matter if you have walking boots or Louboutins, on Prague pavements you will fall down.

2. Cycle path to Modřany. To avoid the cobblestones you may think it’s a good idea to walk on the flat surface, but there you’ll have to fight for your life with cyclists, roller-skaters, wild dogs and hundreds of other rushing pedestrians.

3. Wind in the subway. Upon entering the metro it is not advisable to wear a hat or leave small dogs unattended. A small tornado sweeps away everything, including carefully done hairstyles.

4. The signal on the subway. It’s probably not technologically possible to get signal down there, but damn it, there’s nothing worse than when your signal goes, just when you need to call the boss.

5. Sidewalks in Vršovice. Every other district dutifully collects the trash, only in Vršovice they are the streets are still a mess.

6. Intervals at crossings Legerce and Sokol. Is it really physically possible to cross the road in the three seconds they give you? Usain Bolt would struggle.

7. Blue Zone. Unless you want to spend lots of cash on a blue zone card, you have no hope of parking in the city. You can try but before you can say the word ‘fine’… you’ll find a ticket on your car.

8. Excellent tow trucks. Prague authorities are merciless when it comes to towing cars.

9. Holiday excavations. You can be in any district of Prague in June and it’s the same, always digging up the roads or something else. Sure, it’s necessary to do it when Prague is empty, but… it’s so annoying!

10. Clogged escalators. Tourists, idiots and instigators, who stand on the left of the escalators and have no understanding that there are people in a rush. And when you ask them to move, you just get a passive aggressive sigh.

11. The Seventeen. This tram mercilessly and often surprisingly turns into Stromovka station, from where you have to run to Výstaviště. And run, probably in a hurry because the train is leaving.

12. Shopping at Ikea. It’s easy to get to, but that does not change the fact that it is a pure hell. You have to walk a mile just to buy glasses or a mirror.

13. The number of dicks in white BMWs. Parking on the sidewalk, blocking trams, overrunning the city.

14. The smells in the 22 and 9 trams. Curiously, all the stink of the world accumulates precisely and only in these, the two busiest trams in the city.

15. Sold out hot dogs at Náměstí Míru. They are a legend: the best hot dogs in the world. Its just a miracle to get one. The result is always the same, a sign that says “sold out”.

16. Places to ‘rest’. On the waterfront, hipsters; At the zoo and botanical gardens, militant strollers; at Stromovka, runners. Where can you get some peace?

17. Paid toilets at Mc Donald’s. Public toilets are really gross but if you choose to go to the most beautiful ones in the world in Mc Donald’s, you have to pay.

18. Shopping centres. Wherever you look there are shopping centres! Any bit of free space and they add a mall.

19. The air. It’s so dense here that you could cut it with a knife. You only really realise it when you take a trip out of the city.

20. Charity boxes everywhere. Charity we still love you, but if you had to give all that you meet on the subway some money, you’d be there next week with a money box yourself.

21. Wenceslas Square after ten in the evening. After this time a varied rabble of henchman, prostitutes, drug dealers.

22. Bus in the direction of the zoo. Whether you want to go see the animals or wherever you’re going, you always have to compete with three nurseries and ten mothers with prams. To sum it up a the bus is like a mobile zoo.

23. Rushing. Because even though Praguers don’t always want to rush they don’t have a choice.

Original article in Czech language: CiliChili