The summer months are coming to come to an end and we are starting to look forward to clubbing season again. As one of the most iconic nightclubs in Prague approaches its 25th anniversary, we caught up with Club Roxy to look back on their best moments and talk to them about their plans for the future.

The building originally opened in 1927 as a cinema. After the cinema was eventually abandoned, the building reopened in 1982, becoming a hub for Prague’s underground culture.

Roxy cinema, 1928

“People did not know how big it would become, it just became a network of underground artists… Today, it has gone full circle, and is now a gallery, big nightclub, and cultural hotspot,” said Daniel Bacho, Roxy’s public relations director.

As a prominent Prague club, Roxy has come a long way since its establishment. Despite its evolution, the club still holds true to its original mindset, bringing together alternative cultures. The club also prides itself on staying true to its roots.

“[Roxy] offers the atmosphere of 20’s, alongside cutting edge techno. It is different than other clubs, as it will never be a commercial club with VIP zones, it has a far more inclusive approach and offers something special clubbers won’t experience in other places,” said Bacho.

The club is excited for its anniversary and is planning big things for it. The anniversary will come after Prague’s clubbing season begins again in September. For its anniversary, from October 20-29, there will be many, diverse performances, including theater, art, and live electronic shows.

“We will be using all we have learned, showcasing old and new artists, and go on to be the best club in the Czech Republic,” said Bacho.