By the end of the year, there will be three hundred buses and tram stops with wifi hubs across Prague.

The first service was launched on Husinecka in Prague 3, and now Internet is operating with another 26 stations.

“We chose Husinecká stop especially because it is located in close proximity to VŠE, where there is a great fluctuation of young people who use modern technology in everyday life,” said Alexander Bellu, deputy mayor of Prague 3, at the ceremony of launching a wi-fi stop.

For those who want to join, search for ‘WiPrague’ on your mobile. “However, the 2.4GHz frequency is maintained for the older device,” says JCDecaux Technical Director Tomas Tenzer.

The company JCDecaux which operates bus and tram stops in Prague wants to bring the wireless internet to 100 additional locations during June alone.

To receive the connection, you do not have to stand directly under the shelter, as the Wi-Fi routers are functional 50 meters from the bus stop.

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