Tips for those who are in search for peace, connection with nature and some purr-purr to listen to.

ZOO zoo zooo
Prague zoo complex is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. It is a multilevel park that owns a territory of 58 hectares and houses more than 4000 animals. Forbes awarded the Zoo with the 7-th best zoo in the World. Reasonable enough to pay a one-day long visit there.

One coffee and a cat, please
Kočkafé Freya provides you with unlimited time for enjoying the company of its inhabitants. The cats in there are communicative and can even be too pussy…I mean pushy, and still your drink. Stress-relieving and friendly atmosphere makes this place particularly enjoyable to visit after a busy working week.

Kavarna Kocici in Karlin
Another chill-with-cats option, but with a nice bonus of vegetarian menu. Though the felines are as lovely as always. If you don’t have time to go to the place, you can enjoy their channel on Youtube and fancy a new cat-friends before you will actually meet them.

Krakora pub
Shh, I think I’ve seen a big cat…No need to worry, it’s just our host puma! This conversation it typical for a local pub Krakora. In other words, it’s an adult version of Kočkafé.