Despite being the third largest metropolis in the Czech Republic, Ostrava often gets overlooked by travelers on the typical tourist trail.

Developed on a strong industrial history of coal mining, coke factories, and steel works plants, Ostrava was long known as a somewhat “dirty” city.

Over the last few decades, the city of Ostrava has been working hard to clean up their image, and have created a bustling, attractive centre with a host of activities for visitors of all ages.

1) Dolní Vítkovice

Located right near the city centreDolní Vítkovice is a national monument, beaming with corroded industrial architecture, fascinating museums, and art installations.

The interior of the sprawling gasometer has been turned into an enormous performing arts venue.


2) Ostrava Zoo

The Ostrava Zoo is the second largest zoo in the Czech Republic and is one of the best things to with kids in Ostrava.

You can find over 400 species of animals scattered throughout the zoo. Make sure you check out the African Safari and Amazonian exhibits.


3) Silesian Ostrava Castle

Just outside of the downtown area is the Silesian Ostrava Castle, which was built by a Těšín prince in the late 13th century.

There is also an amazing 16th-century tower that has been restored and the entire complex has been renovated, making it highly impressive and like stepping back in time.


4) Colours Of Ostrava

The biggest event on the Ostrava calendar is the Colours of Ostrava music festival.

Located in the sprawling Dolni Vitkovice industrial site, this massive festival was named one of the best music festivals in Europe for 2016 by The Guardian.


5) The Antonín Dvořák Theatre

Situated in another gorgeous neo-Baroque building, the Antonín Dvořák theater has impeccable decorations placed around the interior, which are worth a visit even if you aren’t able to catch a performance.




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