The Christmas season has a completely different meaning today than it did for our relatives at the beginning of the last century or the century before last. Holiday traditions are fading away and being replaced with superficial things, but here are a few of the older ones that we think should be brought back.

Rules for Christmas Dinner

On the table should be exactly nine dishes which the housekeeper has spent the whole day preparing. No one should eat any of the food before the first evening star appears in the sky. And all the food that is not eaten during the evening, should be buried in the garden – to guarantee that the following year there would be a rich harvest.

No one was allowed to stand up from the table during dinner, as this would mean that the following year, the whole family wouldn’t be together for Christmas.

Bedside Walnut

Anyone who had problems with fleas and bedbugs would place a walnut beside their bed. When they woke in the morning they would crack it and eat it. Then the room would be free of these bugs for a whole year

Friday Vánoček

If a man wanted to marry a girl within the next year, it was advised that they should pick her up on Christmas Day, exactly nine feet from the Christmas cake.

Prohibited Activities

On Christmas Eve, people could not do a lot of things, with regard to deceased souls who were distracted by: grinding grain, pouring water into the yard, ash removal or laughter. A love letter written on December 24 was not advised as it brought the danger of an early break-up with a loved one.

Dishes with magical powers

Fresh bread baked on Christmas day or freshly laid eggs supposedly had magical powers in the best sense. A piece of stale bread eaten during Christmas dinner and spoon of peas provided a rich harvest and fertile land.