The design scene has spread throughout Prague in the last decade and quite often you can stumble upon a new showroom, shop, or studio. Blending renowned Czech craftsmanship with a wholly original modern aesthetic, the country’s designers have attracted attention at the major international design fairs and at Prague’s annual Designblok, which marks its 18th year this fall. Here, a few our local favorites to check out.

Lucie Koldova: Glass Master

Lucie Koldova made a name for herself with her Muffin lamps, which combine hand-blown Czech glass and oak. She created the lamps for Czech glass manufacturer Brokis, continuing the country’s centuries-old glass-making tradition. Koldova also designs furniture, plus a series of carpets and, this year, vases for Brokis.

Klara Nademlynska: Fashion Innovator

Nademlynska spent ten years honing her skills in Paris before returning to Prague, where she collaborates with local producers. She produces a line of “amulet” necklaces with animal and flower pendants, a limited-edition animal-print hat designed for legendary Czech hat manufacturer Tonak, and leather gloves embellished with rabbit fur from a local one-man atelier.

Lavmi: Wallpaper Wizards

Jan Slovak and Babeta Ondrova’s Lavmi wallpaper has brightened spaces in Prague and beyond since 2009. Lavmi’s clean, simple graphic patterns reflect Ondrova’s modern, bright aesthetic and eye for color.

The pair has expanded their brand to include interior accessories, from tea towels and table runners to clocks, cushions, and paper pendant lights, as well as kids’ collections in colorful, playful motifs.

Zorya: Jewelry Duo

Daniel Posta and Zdenek Vacek craft necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, employing traditional goldsmithing techniques with experimental twists. “We work with geometry, the elemental,” Posta says.

Zorya jewelry mixes steel, precious metals, pearls, black diamonds, and textiles in pieces that range from delicate to daring.

Helena Darbujanova: Furniture Architect

Helena Darbujanova’s furniture designs take inspiration from her girlhood and “the smell of summer.” Except for the carpets, all her pieces are made in the Czech Republic.


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