50 things you definitely need to do in Prague:

By Stream International
1. Try the famous Czech beer.
2. Make a selfie near the statue of St. Wenceslas on his horse
3. Find the upside-down statue of king Wenceslas riding a dead horse – believe it or not but Wenceslas was never a king
4. Take a stroll around the Old Town Square
5. Watch the Astronomical Clock strike the hour.
6. Get lost in the Old Town streets
7. Go to Charles Bridge and admire its statues
8. Find the Peeing Statues fountain in Mala Strana
9. Wait for the green light and go through the narrowest street in the world
10. Leave your signature on the John Lennon Wall

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge

11. Sit on the banks of the Vltava River and admire the historical center of Prague
12. Visit the Petřín hill
13. Walk through Petřín gardens
14. Test your deciphering skills at the Mind Maze – the one up on Petrin is Mirror maze
15. Climb up to Petrin Hill.
16. Take some photographs of Prague and upload them on Instagram
17. Visit the Prague Castle
18. Walk trough the historical center of Prague
19. Visit the Cathedral of St. Vitus
20. Wander down the Golden Lane
21. Climb the stairs at the Old Castle
22. Visit the Vrtbovska gardens
23. Visit the Church of Our Lady in front of Týn
24. Relax in the Riegrovy gardens
25. Enjoy the view of the Žižkov TV tower (the second ugliest building in the world)
26. Take a walk around Vyšehrad
27. Enjoy the extraordinary panorama of Prague from Vyšehrad
28. Drink a glass of the famous Czech fake alcohol drinks – Zufanek is very NOT fake. Its amazing family company making great liquors.
29. Repeat it
30. Walk down Nový Svět

Trdelnik: Traditional Czech Cake
Trdelnik: Traditional Czech Cake

31. Order a traditional Czech lunch
32. Visit the Czech Library
33. Order a cup of coffee
34. Get yourself some souvenirs.
35. Enjoy a party in Dlouhá street
36. Drop by “Farmer’s Market Jirak” on a Saturday.
37. Have a trip on boat along the Vltava
38. Touch-free culture on the island Střelecký – only during summer.
39. Visit the Prague Zoo
40. Visit Troja Castle, next to the zoo

Klementinum: National Library of Czech Republic
Klementinum: National Library of Czech Republic

41. 41. Buy an ice cream in the cinema Světozor – not cinema but passage. Cinema is bellow it.
42. Eat it in Franciscan Gardens
43. Enjoy the architecture of the Municipal House
44. As well as the National Theatre
45. View monument of Franz Kafka, a sculpture of a giant head
46. Do not pass by the Prague Rudolfinum
47. See the stunning views of the city from Letna park
48. Watch the skateboarders practice at Letná Park.
49. And finally, try another Czech beer!
50. Come up with something on your own 🙂