The demonstration, named Million Marihuana March, is the 20th annual event of its kind to be held in Prague and took place on Saturday, May 6th. The march included allegorical vehicles, dancers and musicians.

The event is organized by the civic association and strives to express the citizens disapproval of the current anti-marijuana policy in our country.

The goal of the event is to highlight the persisting ban on marijuana and appeal on politicians to change the relevant legislation so that people can grow marijuana for personal use.

Although cannabis for medical purposes has been legal in the country since April 2013, at present it is unavailable due to disputes between the supplier and the State Drug Control Institute (SUKL). Furthermore, the march aims to highlight key problems and imperfections of effective laws including the recently passed bill regarding medical marijuana. The law punishes the growing of marijuana and the possession of a bigger than small amount of it.


Young Czechs rank among record frequent marijuana users, compared with their European peers, and they also more incline to underestimating the risks.


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