The number of foreign tourists who visit The Czech Republic has continued to rise. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, last year, almost 9.3 million people came to the country. That is 6.7% more than the previous year.

The increased interest has mainly been from Asian countries and Germany. Including Czech tourists, the number of people who stayed in overnight accommodation in the Czech Republic was 18.4 million.

Fewer guests from Russia headed to the Czech Republic last year. Regardless, the interest of German tourists continues to show growth as numbers grew by 6.4 percent. The percentage of Slovaks who visited rose by to 11.7 percent while visitors from Poland increased by 12.1 percent. There is an ever increasing migration of tourists from Asian countries such as China or South Korea, but also from Israel to the Czech Republic.

Last year the region with the highest growth in the number of guests recorded was the Karlovy Vary region, with a 13.2 percent increase, despite the reduced number of Russians who visited the country. Looking at the statistics of the international airport in Karlovy Vary, the outflow of Russians can be seen clearly, in 2016 only 23,000 passengers from Russia came to the airport 41% less than the previous year.

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