In the small Czech village of Louka (Hodonín District, South Moravia), one woman has made it her mission to beautify the homes of her neighbors. Anežka Kašpárková is a 90-year-old former agricultural worker who picked up a new hobby in her retirement—painting.

Kašpárková uses her spare time to paint traditional Moravian motifs in bright blue-ultramarine across the walls of Louka’s buildings. “I’m just doing what I like,” she says. “I try to help decorate the world a bit.”

She makes sure to use expensive, good quality paint, which she guarantees will last at least two years.

Despite her overwhelming talents, Kasparkova is very modest about her work and told Youth-Time: “Oh, I am not an artist. I just do what I like.”

Using her imagination, she doesn’t plan out her work in advance, letting her brush and fantasy decide the final results. Previously, other women painted the white Moravian houses, passing down the tradition to Kašpárková.

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