SŽDC, which is responsible for operation and organization of the rail transport, is planning the construction of the underpass and footbridge to connect Prague Main Station with Žižkov and Vinohrady districts.

The problem is that there is no straight way to get to the districts, which causes a complicated way used by pedestrians, bypassing the whole station and railway tracks.

The planned construction of the underpass, the exit of which will be in Italská street, and the pedestrian bridge nearby the Prague highway is planned to finally solve the problem of inconvenience and danger for pedestrians. In three months SŽDC will apply for the issuance of the necessary decisions, and the construction will cost 100-300 million kč.

People often do not want to go around and waste their valuable time, so many of them are cutting the corners, walking all along the narrow sidewalk in Legerova street or going over the railroad tracks next to the University of Economics in Prague. Apparently, illegal ways are used by approximately 1,800 people per day.