On Monday, activists will be locked in a cage in front of the Chamber of Deputies on Malostranské Square. The protest action against fur farming will see a member of the Animal Defense Society spend 12 hours in the cage, for a whole month. The cage corresponds to the human-size equivalent cage for a fox.

There will be a vote in May to decide whether to ban fur farming. The amendment should prohibit the breeding and killing of animals. “The vote itself in the Chamber of Deputies will decide on the lives and deaths of tens of thousands of foxes and miners. We must not allow this vote to be one of many,” said chairman Marek Voršilka. The Association, therefore, wants to remind the deputies, on their way to work of the impact of their decisions.

The Ministry of Agriculture is pushing for a proposal not to end the farming, such as breeding foxes or mink, which would meet the conditions of the WelFur program on living conditions of farmed animals.


According to the Parliament Institute, the Czech Republic would probably be the only EU country that would allow an exception for WelFur certificate holder, which is funded by a private European association of fur breeders.

The ban, according to MPs who advocate it, should apply from the end of next year. The Böhnisch Committee has recommended a postponement to the end of January 2019, Böhnisch himself proposed January 2021 together with compensation adjustments. The Agriculture Committee has recommended a postponement of up to ten years, which, according to the petitioners, is unjustified.

The activists will be enclosed in the cage for a whole month, even if the bill is approved earlier.