Albert Einstein, then aged 32, lived in Prague for 16 months from 1911–12, along with his wife and children.

It was Prague where Albert Einstein, according to his own writings, found the necessary composure to give the basic idea of the general theory of relativity a more definite shape.

Einstein and his family — wife Mileva and sons Hans Albert and Edward — resided in Smíchov at Trebížského Street no. 1215, now named Lesnická street. The house now holds a plaque and life-size figure of Einstein’s head.

When Einstein was not at home or lecturing, he would be found at one of his two favorite places in Prague – Café Louvre or Café Slavia: here, he would often meet with his friend and literary prodigy, Franz Kafka.


Einstein left Prague in the summer of 1912, after accepting another offer from the University of Technology in Zurich.

Einstein has left a wide trail of his life behind in Prague. Other than numerous plaques bearing his name and face, a street ‘Einsteinova’ in Prague 10 – Petrovice is named after him.


Albert Einstein inspired a whole school of thought in Czechoslovakia. Books on relativity were published in the 1920s by physicists Frantisek Nachtikal and Frantisek Zaviska.


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