Recently, Czechs are increasingly using legal and illegal drugs at different music festivals. Teenagers are beginning to take drugs earlier than they used to, and unfortunately, there are not enough effective programs to prevent their interest. Music festival lovers often mix alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and ecstasy based on the annual report on the drug situation in the Czech Republic.


“People, who attend such popular and democratic leisure time activities as festivals, are far more experienced in the use of legal and illegal drugs than other peers. Often several drugs are consumed at the same time, and more than often people get the intoxication as a result”- says Viktor Mravchik, the head of the National Center for Addiction monitoring under the Government.

Therefore, the students of the First Medical Faculty of Prague’s Charles University are ready to present the interactive stand at the Rock for People festival in Hradec Králové to show visitors what is happening within their brains right after smoking a joint of marijuana, for example.