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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Alcoholic Beverages To Be Banned On Vltava River

Boat lovers who like to pedal with a chilled beer overlooking the Castle, be warned – a new restriction has been introduced. Prague City Police have stated they plan to tighten their controls of alcohol consumption on the river this year.

Drinking beer on pedalo boats has been commonplace in Prague for years. Tens of thousands of Czechs and tourists can be seen enjoying drinks during their voyage. However, this summer, if you want to have a glass on a pedal boat you may risk a fine of up to five thousand crowns.

“We want to focus on waterway traffic during the summer months, during July and August, specifically to detect offenses in the monitored waterways. This will mainly concern alcohol in the management and operation of vessels,” says Director of the Directorate of the Police Service Martin Hrinko.


Of the tens of thousands of people who have hired boats in the past few years, only a small number of people have been caught with alcohol. Last year, only three people were fined in the Czech Republic.

“Our activities will be targeted at all operators. Especially in the designation of vessels, docks, boats, but also water boats, swimmers, and leaders of small vessels. Most frequent checks will be made on the most common phenomenon, and that is how alcohol is on the voyage” he says.

According to Hrinka, there will be mixed patrols from members of the Prague City Police and the shipping administration in the checks.

Author photo: Blesk.cz