When it comes to design scene in the Czech Republic, it has been developing fast in the last few years. Designed products that we can see at the exhibitions and in concept stores around the city are proof that it is great new flow in the world of contemporary design.

What is uniquIMG_1503e and characteristic of Czech design is the fact that it has roots in old artistic tradition. Czech porcelain and glass products are well known in the whole world, and they’ve been produced for centuries. Today, designers are creating new concepts with those traditional crafts and materials. Glass and porcelain are, today, mixed with metal, wood or plastic, which is a perfect match of traditional and modern.

If you are tiered of seeing similar stuff all around Europe and you are searching for authentic products, with good quality and, even, artistic value, there are some cool places in Prague where you can see and buy contemporary Czech design. Those stores, such as Cihelna concept store, Pragrique, Locals, Botas 66, Lavmi, Showroom, Flexup, and many more are all located around city centre and very easy to find.

02_CIHELNA_BANDASKY_2015_f_Kristina_HrabetovaAlso, for design lovers, there are some great events in Prague which are worth a visit, such as Prague Design Week and Designblok Prague, which are both annual events, dedicated to design in all its forms. There are also many smaller events and design exhibition that happen very often in the galleries around the city, so if you care for design, creativity and new ideas, Prague gives you plenty of possibilities to satisfy your interests.