Amazon is opening a new administrative office in Karlín. The new office will employ hundreds of individuals, adding to Amazon’s presence in the Czech Republic.

Amazon already operates out of three offices in Prague and Dobrovíz. Currently, it runs a corporate office, return center, and a fulfillment (distribution) center. Amazon also recently opened an edge location in Prague, which they announced earlier this year. Edge locations are how Amazon functions their CloudFront system, disseminating content to its users.

Existing Amazon office in Prague Source: New Office Europe
Existing Amazon office in Prague
Source: New Office Europe

Amazon currently employs over 3,000 people in the Czech Republic, according to their website. These jobs consist of both manual labor and office work. On their website, there are currently 149 openings in the Czech Republic. You can view some of the open positions here.

For their new office, Amazon has chosen Rustonka Business Center, according to an article published by Hospodářských Noviny. The office space will consist of three separate buildings. Only the first building is finished, but construction on the second has begun. The existing building is 11,300 square meters of space.

Amazon first entered the Czech Republic in 2013, when they opened a distribution warehouse. The online retailer intends to continue expanding in the Czech Republic. They have states that they hope to employ an additional one thousand employees in the Czech Republic by the end of the year.

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge

Despite Amazons growth here, they still do not have a site specific website for the Czech Republic. Instead, customers have to purchase goods from the German website, This is slightly ironic, considering that Amazon has distribution and return warehouses in the Czech Republic. However, does provide free shipping to the Czech Republic for orders over 1,017 CZK. Despite this, they do not offer the website in the Czech language. The German website offers English, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, and, of course, German.