In Prague, there is one place where nothing is a coincidence. Crew veiled in masks, a quirky cocktail menu, bottles without labels and mysterious drawings on the walls. Interesting but for most people invisible details apparently merge into one unique gastronomic experience, in the form of sophisticated cocktails to the level of art.

At the beginning, there was a vision to launch a revolution in gastronomy. In the fight against globalization, consumption and the mainstream of today. This became the principal instrument a return to bartending as traditional craftsmanship. But AnonymouS goes even further.


“Everything we create within the concept of AnonymouS is a reflection of the three souls, the three main pillars that inspire us,” explains of the creators of the project, “History, fantasy and presence.” In AnonymouS bar the historical aspect is based on the story of revolutionary Guy Fawkes, who in the days of Old England unsuccessfully attempted blow up the British parliament and assassinate King James I.

This real story is represented in the fantasy world of comics, in V for Vendetta, where the main character wears a mask to defeat dictatorship and save liberty. The third pillar is dedicated to a current topic you can probably deduce by name of the whole concept. History, fantasy and presence are all connected with revolution of any form. In AnonymouS they fight for great drinks and the symbol of the revolution is a mask.

True revolutionaries stay hidden. To find AnonymouS bar is quite a difficult task, but if you try and don’t give up when wandering among the sunken streets of Prague, the reward will be yours. Nowadays, unfortunately, variety of applications such as Google Maps or Foursquare help to find the place easier and the magic of searching disappears. However, at a time when the place was successfully kept in secret, you could more than once hear a scream of enthusiasm in front of the door when searchers, after several days of intensive investigation, finally found their target.

When you reach the original stables from 13 to 14 century, where the bar is located, only dim light of torches and the shadow mask Anonymous at the courtyard will welcome you. When you enter it’s a pleasant surprise as the family atmosphere welcomes you. Large comfortable sofas, paintings, and drawings on the walls as if inviting you inside.


Prices are higher, but available for anyone who wants to indulge in something unconventional. And you can be sure that the names of cocktails such as ‘Send an Airmail’ will be a unique experience.

Revolution does not ask who you are. Mysterious bar rises from the mist to anyone who is interested in quality cuisine and even better experiences. Perhaps after visiting you might read the story of Guy Fawkes, Anonymous or watch the movie V for Vendetta.