Innovative water purifiers—you might think there are plenty of these on the market already, but how many of them can ensure that your water will be free not only of bacteria, impurities, and chemicals but hormones and pesticides as well?

Kickstarter even funds Czech projects

Twenty-two-year-old Tereza Dřímalová and her father are bringing a Czech idea to the international market. With the help of the website they will attempt to raise $250,000 (6 million Czech crowns) to commence production and worldwide distribution of their homemade tabletop appliance, the AquaQube. The starting price will be 9,999 Czech crowns and starting in the middle of November it will be possible to pre-order one through the Kickstarter website.

For entrepreneurs who are afraid of big steps, this can mean only one thing. Even Czech ideas have the potential to become the leader in the world market. We’ll see how the idea catches on, and we’ll follow its further development.

We support Czech entrepreneurs

We like the idea because it’s gutsy, and instead of starting just in the Czech Republic, it launches directly on the international market. It can be risky, but the device might also fill a gap in the market and find customers who want to put control of the purity of their water into their own hands.

Fabrication of the appliance in a 3D printer

How exactly is your purifier exceptional or different?

Our device is more efficient than our competition, not only with regards to its compact design but also with its lower price. And in fact, it’s the only appliance of its kind on the market that will be a complete innovation. No has thought of this before. AquaQube doesn’t just filter out unwanted substances. It completely eliminates them—for good. And so by purifying your own water, you also clean the water supply and the environment.

How does it work?

Using it feels similar to using a SodaStream. The bottle holds 750 milliliters and in 45 seconds it cleanses the water and removes any kind of impurities, pesticides, and even hormones. However, it also has another clear advantage—a second mode. In this mode, it enriches the water with dissolved active oxygen, which very quickly breaks down and has disinfecting properties.

What does that mean in practice? Do we turn normal water into living water?

We’re not wizards. (Laughs) We simply imitate principles which occur commonly in nature. Water with active oxygen is actually active water. When you douse something with this water—for example, meat, fruit, or vegetables—it prolongs their freshness by two to three times, because active water kills assorted bacteria and viruses on the surface, but doesn’t otherwise change the taste of foods.

It’s also possible to use this active water to quickly disinfect a pacifier or bottle for a newborn instead of using boiling water.

And how did this whole idea of creating a portable home water purifier even come about?

My father is a scientist and physicist and for a few decades, he has run a firm that works in industrial water and air purification. So we already knew how to remove the hormones and pesticides that can be found in both tap and bottled water. We simply put that knowledge to use.

At the same time, it was clear to us that in the foreseeable future the situation with water purifiers wasn’t going to change, so we decided to try to create something that would give people the highest possible quality of water and bring it to them directly.

Does it leave any kind of important substances in the water or nothing at all?

Yes, the water retains all the minerals important for human health. Nevertheless, in the future, we would also like to offer filters for demineralization so that the water could be given to even the smallest newborns (which is already possible today, but it depends on the quantity of minerals in the given tap water).

Where is AquaQube manufactured?

We design and develop everything ourselves and then look for suitable suppliers around the world. As for the plastic outer parts, we have them made in China, but the other components are made in the Czech Republic, the US, or Poland. Everything is then assembled here, and at the same time, we check the quality of the entire device.

Making undrinkable water drinkable is no longer science fiction

Your goal is worldwide distribution, right from the start…

Exactly. Above all, we see the global potential of the product, and distribution only in the Czech Republic and possibly Slovakia wouldn’t be feasible price-wise. In the future, we would also like to aim toward water purification in developing countries, where so far there aren’t many solutions like this.

In conclusion, it’s also good to add that AquaQube can be used in rural or agrarian regions, where there may be problems with water potability due to high quantities of bacteria, viruses, or pesticides. With some sources of water that doctors don’t recommend drinking, you can simply use AquaQube to cleanse the water and make it drinkable.

Editor’s note (February 20, 2017):

Sales and distribution of the AquaQube are currently on hold pending the implementation of new EU regulations that will impact the product. Sales are expected to begin in the second half of 2017. More information at