The street of ‘November 17’ or 17.listopadu, connects Jan Palach Square with Křížovnická Street.

The street name November 17 was chosen to remember the brutal persecution, torture and execution of Czech students by German occupiers, and the closure of universities in 1939.

Previously in the 16th – 18th century the street was named Sanytrová and was where gunpowder powder was produced. In the nineteenth century, it was also titled “Na krechtech” or “Na krechtách”.

A film fact about Listopadu. The street was the only Prague street filmed in The Chronicles of Narnia for a scene in the movie. The film although filmed in Prague, mostly was filmed in the famous Barrandov Studios.

Today street November 17 is not only the busy traffic artery of Prague with car, tram and pedestrian traffic, but a place sought after by tourists. It is an access road to the Rudolfinum, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Old Jewish Cemetery, the Faculty of Law and Philosophy of Charles University and many other areas of interest.

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