Betlémská Street connects Smetana’s waterfront with Bethlehem Square.

The Street name which has been used since the end of the 18th century, is derived from the Bethlehem Chapel which was founded around 1391. The Bethlehem Chapel is a medieval religious building in the Old Town of Prague, notable for its connection with the origins of the Bohemian Reformation and especially with the Czech reformer Jan Hus.

After Hus’s excommunication in 1412, the Pope ordered the Bethlehem chapel to be pulled down, although this action was rejected by the Czech majority on the Old Town council.

Originally, the street was called St. Andrew’s Church, as it housed the church of the same name, which was abolished in the 18th century.

The eastern part of the street changed its name several times during its existence. One name was Dolni Solní from the 17th century until 1832. Another which followed was named Přívozní, according to it’s direction to one of the Vltava ferries. It was also called Boršov, according to the court of the same name here.