Bílkova Street connects Pařížskou and Kozí streets.

The street’s current appearance took place after the rehabilitation of the Jewish Town at the end of the 19th century by merging the three original streets.

In the western part where Jewish meat shops were located, it was Masařská Street. In the central part where the spa was, it was Schepkesova Street named after their owners. In the eastern part of the street, the street was called the courtyard.


From the 15th century to the year 1840 it was called Bílkova and in 1840 – 1870 Malá Křížová. The name Bílková comes from bleaching laundry. The laundry shop in the courtyard was called U Bílků and can be found where house No. 865 is today. Since then in 1870 the whole street was named Bílkova.

Under the German occupation, between 1940 and 1945, it was renamed Waldhauser.