Křižíkova Street was built in 1884 by connecting two separate roads, from Karlin Square East and West.

It was originally named the Middle Way and since 1948 Křížovnická.

The current name was chosen to celebrate the Czech inventor, František Křižík.

Despite being born to a poor family, Křižík managed to study engineering at the Technical University of Prague and in 1878 invented a remotely operated signalling device to protect against collision between trains.

His invention in 1880 of the automatic electric art lamp, was displayed at the International Exposition of Electricity in Paris in 1881. Later he successfully defended his patent against Werner Siemens claim to have created it first. The restored and patented arc lamp with can now be viewed at the Museum of Pilsen.

Křižík also set up his own company building tramway lines, street cars, power stations, and electric equipment.