Two guys from the Czech village of Čestice are setting off on a round-the-world expedition in a 41-year-old car. The huge journey will start today, Friday, April 14.

Filip Vogel and Petr Javůrek plan to overcome the 50,000 kilometers in a VAZ-2101 Zhiguli. They bought the classic Soviet car in June last year but they still don’t know exactly how many kilometers the car has run in its long life. “We did not make any special technical changes before the trip. We just installed a crankcase and a trunk protector on the roof,” said Vogel, who is completing his doctorate at the building faculty of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

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“From our trip, we are expecting adventures. We will be in constant fear that the car breaks down somewhere in the mountains, and we have to look for a roof every night. We will have to find ways out of various difficult situations,” the two friends say.

The expedition will run through four continents. The two Czechs are going to visit more than 20 countries.

The budget for the whole expedition is about 700,000CZK. According to their calculations, the gasoline for the entire expedition will cost about 105,000CZK and to cross the car through the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as the Caribbean Sea – 190,000CZK. For the food, the two adventurers have allocated 150,000CZK.

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