You know those moments when you are right in the center desperately looking for a nice quiet spot to hide for a little while from the hustle of the city. Art-n-Coffee is an ideal solution for these moments.

This unconventional café is a place for lovers of good coffee, food, original modern design and especially African art, which you can buy. They have connected modern interior design with traditional stone sculptures from Zimbabwe and the results are a charming place to be.

The cafe was founded at the same time as the Passage of Czech Design. The main motive of both projects was to confront people with art.

The gallery exhibition includes pieces from the best African sculptors; many of whom have gained worldwide recognition.

Mr. Homolka, one of the founders, originally a tax advisor, inherited a love for African art from his first wife when he discovered that selling African sculptures make people happy, unlike tax.

Now travel Mr. Homolka and Mrs. Homolková every take a trip to Zimbabwe to buy the statues from the sculpture community, Tengenenge, northwest of Harare. In this sculpting community, 100 sculptors live together with their families. The community lives in its own world, a quiet life, where sculptures work happily until old age.

Buying statues and support of the local market are an effective method of supporting underdeveloped countries.

The café was ranked among the “Ten trendiest cafes in Prague”  by “Business Animals” so that’s one more reason to give this café a try.

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