Andrej Babiš, the Czech oligarch who is poised to win the general election in the Czech Republic in October 2017, has restated his view that “We must sink those smugglers’ boats.” He added, “Our people do not want any multiculturalism here.”

He made these statements at the weekend during a conference in Prague, entitled “Multiple Challenges for Europe 2017”, which was organized by his Institute for Politics and Society.

He absolutely rejected the notion that the Czech Republic should be participating in any way in helping to solve the refugee crisis in Europe.

In July he stated “I do not want a single refugee in the Czech Republic, not even temporarily. Does anyone regard it as normal that unsuccessful applicants for asylum in Europe and immigrants brutally murder an old priest and a pregnant woman? The only thing Europe should do is that it might choose in the refugee camps in Tunisia and in Libya whom to accept in Europe and whom to reject. NATO should be sinking empty smugglers’ boats and it should be returning the boats filled with refugees to the coast of Tunisia.”

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