Blondies Bar opened on Jungmannovo Square in Prague 1. You can only order drinks from blondes, as the business does not employ bartenders of any other hair color.

The newly opened bar introduces its concept on their Facebook page: “It’s right after midnight on September 5, 1936. Antonie Vávrová is slowly opening her eyes and looks at her new hairdo. The woman in the mirror is no longer the worn-out, dark-haired Tony; a flower girl that was not long ago left by her fiancé. Gone are the days when she was uninteresting and unattractive. Now she is finally herself – she’s confident, she’s chic, she’s Blondies!”


One would not be surprised to see that most reviews on the bar’s Facebook page were posted by male customers, praising the bar’s choice of employees. “Something between an American bar, Bioshock and ‘we did not have time to finish it’ (in a good sense), overall the bar left a great impression on me! It would be good to fill in the blind spot in the middle of the place, but who has time to pay attention to that, when their eyes are all on the staff. The uniforms have the power to cause heart attacks!” says a customer in the bars reviews. The bartenders’ uniforms are comprised of jean overalls and polka-dotted bows in their hair.

The newly opened bar and dance club are open from 5 pm on weekdays and from 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.