A growing number of Czech firms are employing people with health issues or other
disabilities, and in the last four years, this number has tripled. One of these “barrier-free” companies also runs the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague. To become “barrier-free” they had to compete against other companies who are not or do not work with people with disabilities.

Sometimes this can be tricky when negotiating contracts. “It is, of course, sometimes a difficult fight, we have to explain what we are doing, why we do it and what we can offer,” says the head of the company Startujeme Jakub Knězů. The growth of socially responsible business in the Czech Republic is monitored by state subsidy programs and banks. “Interest in socially responsible business is growing. While there have been dozens of project applications in the past, hundreds of them are currently in progress,” 
says Svatava Škantová, head of the social business projects department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

An Association in the Orlické Mountains uses labour from disabled people in the originally displaced village on the Czech-Polish border. They run a school, a guesthouse, a bed and breakfast, a laundry room, and gardening centre.