A Bastion is a projecting part of a fortification complex built to defend the city. One such Bastion in Prague, called U Božích Muk XXXI (At Calvary XXXI) dates back to 1348. It is located on the hill opposite Vyšehrad castle. From here you can now see the impressive view of Vyšehrad, Albertov and stream Botič.

The spirit of the place inspired the entire project. The main target was to keep the original structures and to connect with the greenery to create a cultural meeting place. The design combines contemporary modern architecture with the original fourteenth-century structure. Part of the renovation included a new restaurant which takes its name from the structure itself – Bastion.

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The building won the 2011 award Grand Prix of Czech architecture. The architectural duo, Pavla Melková and Miroslav Cikán combined non-traditional materials such as concrete, glass and rusted steel Korten. The interior perfectly complements the artworks of Czech painters and sculptors from renowned art studios. For some reason, it seems that all elements at Bastion combine to offer a place where you can enjoy the views, food, history and culture.

The location of Bastion means it is not the most accessible, but it’s definitely worth climbing the hill if you like unusual places. If you once enter here, you won’t hesitate to climb the hill again.

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