Czechs pride themselves on several traditional brands, which over the years of its existence have become an informal symbol of the country. One of those brands is Karlovarská Becherovka, a herbal alcoholic drink, which celebrates 210 years of existence this year.

Becherovka was officially founded in 1807 when the recipe was created. It was originally created as medicinal drops, not alcohol. After several attempts came to the perfect recipe, which has not changed ever since.

Jan Becher, the most famous member of the Becher family, gave the liqueur a final touch and created the actual brand as we know it today. In 1867 he built a new factory in Carlsbad and introduced the famous flat green bottle, which is still being used today.

Only the title has changed several times within the history until finally the name stayed with the current title Karlovarská Becherovka (Carlsbad Becherovka), Becherovka in a nutshell.

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Becherovka is made from the famous Carlsbad water, high-quality alcohol, natural sugar and a very specific mixture of herbs and spices. However, the complete recipe is a strict secret, passed on from generation to generation, and it has always been guarded by only two people. They are bound to secrecy for life and take care of the production.

The public is only aware that it consists of about 20 herbs and spices, and is a 100% natural product without any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or emulsifiers.

Since they are celebrating an anniversary this year, the brand decided, for the first time, to publicly reveal some ingredients. Therefore, a limited edition which reveals some herbs and spices that are part of the legendary liqueur has been launched on four new labels.


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