The Czech Press Photo competition was founded in 1995. It was started to give the public an overview of the previous year through eyes of Czechoslovak photographers.

Over the 22 years of competition has already collected an impressive number of photos and the idea was to provide the entire project with added value – a meeting place for those interested in photography and art. “The world is changing and with it the world of journalism as well, and so is the need to keep up,” explains the director of the contest Veronika Souralová.


The center will present exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, lectures, and educational programs. The key idea being that the Czech Photo Centre is open to all, from the public to professionals.

Besides the inner activities, the Czech Photo Centre is actively involved in awakening the public space in the neighborhood.

This whole idea has been underlined by Czech artist David Černý and his gigantic piece Trifot, which looks like a huge camera on a tripod. His work shows the evolution of photographic technology throughout history and symbolizes the lack of privacy in today’s world because of electronic monitoring.