Great bars, microbreweries, roasters and cafes. Brno is definitely worthy of your attention. The prestigious American newspaper The New York Times certainly seems to think so after they recommended a visit in the traveling section.

According to the article’s author, bars, pubs and cafés are better than those in Prague. “They are like somewhere in southern Europe, friendly and warm,” describing his experiences of the bar scene in the Moravian city. Among the list of places that are worth visiting there is the famous Bar Which Doesn’t Exist.

“In the war between Prague and Brno, the Bar Which Doesn’t Exist felt like Brno’s greatest weapon,” writes Rail. “I had watched Prague’s cocktail scene blossom in recent years, but even great watering holes like Hemingway Bar and Bonvivant’s CTC in Prague lacked the combination of intimacy and energy at the Bar Which Doesn’t Exist.”

In Brno, the craziest and bar Rail visited was Super Panda Circus, a dark and loud place. He described it as like a “rave in the jungle” with “deep house music that masked the intimate conversations around me”. And what about coffee? “It’s a lot easier to find good coffee in Brno than in Prague,” a bartender told him when he had asked to name his favorite coffeehouses…

Photo: Super Panda Circus / Alexander Bednar
Photo: Bar, který neexistuje

Photo: Bar, který neexistuje
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