You want to show off in front of business partners or friends? Two years ago, Palác Florentinum, a new business center appeared in Prague. The complex provides for employees of nearby offices practically everything they could need from flowers and dry cleaners, to the post office as well.

There’s also a restaurant that offers much more than just a quick lunch. In the atrium of the hidden Palác Florentinum, in a quiet garden with a fountain, you will find a glass-walled a restaurant with undeniable charm. Bianco e Nero restaurant is targeted at both business and private clientele that demands high-quality service, a modern approach.

The atmosphere is relaxed, fresh and natural. The spirit of the place was created by the chef Andrej Mišutka. Andrej enjoys the simple and light cuisine. The menu is mainly inspired by Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, so you will find seafood, risotto and pasta on a daily menu.


Andrej, like any good chef puts emphasis on seasonality and good quality ingredients, but he also likes to try new things. The overall experience of good food completes the absolute attention to detail in the form of good coffee, homemade pastries and a perfectly paired food and wine.