The live sounds of singing birds, croaking frogs and hedgehogs burrowing into foliage have become a surprise hit on Czech radio.

Broadcasting from a forest in the southwest of the Czech Republic, Slow Radio uses microphones set up in a tree to record the sounds of the forest and broadcast them via a 24-hour live stream.

“The toughest task was finding the right place. In most places where you have the combination of birds, electricity, and internet, there’s usually civilization, a road, railway or a factory. In the end, we asked ornithologists for help finding a site and they obliged,” said Vaclav Nyvlt, a technology reporter who dreamt up the online station with three other technicians.

He, however, refused to divulge the location of the microphones due to concerns that curious internet users could disturb broadcasts.

After a week on the air, the radio station can already boast 1,600 listeners at peak time, Nyvlt said.

But not everyone is excited. “Isn’t it a bit weird to close the window so the birds outside won’t interfere with birdsong on your radio? The world has gone crazy,” said listener Karel Prochazka.

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