Part of Prague was left without electricity. The failure occurred in one of the cables, which lead to the center from a substation in the southern part the city – Chodov. The main areas that were affected are Pankrác, Kavčí mountains and Vinohrady.

The outage caused traffic problems in Prague 2, 3, 4 and 10. The failure occurred at 11:30 and lasted until 12:05. The blackout also affected rail traffic in the city center. At 11:25 the problem was reported to the main railway station, Vršovice and Masaryk stations. The in the main train station some stores and escalators had to close.

According to the spokesman of Prazska Energetika, Petr Holubec, the blackout did not affect the districts of Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 4, Prague 9 and Prague 10.



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