Iconspeak T-shirts are decorated with symbols aimed at helping travelers communicate. Don't let the preposterous hat distract you. It's fashion at its functional best. But there are clearly practical uses -- like asking the time of a boat service.

The Iconspeak T-shirt is targeted at worldly travellers and is printed with nearly 40 icons of common discussion points.

Its symbols cover the likes of hotels, banks, telephones and first aid, allowing the wearer to simply point at what they are looking to find.

“Many times we were confronted with a language barrier that was only to be overcome by drawing signs, symbols or icons on a piece of paper, map, or into the dirt,” explain the creators. “We thought it would be great to have an essential set of icons with you, permanently, so that you could just point on whatever you need – and people would understand. Soon the notepad was pulled out again and we started listing more or less essential icons that would have been of great help during not just ours, but basically anyone’s trip.”

Currently available for purchase online at iconspeak.world, the shirts retail for $33 and include figures to help you talk about everything from bikes to beer to the Wi-Fi — basically, the important things in life.




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