It has been announced that a Hollywood theme park, set to become one of the greatest in the world, will become the British equivalent to Disney Land.

It is rumoured that the project, sponsored by the largest Hollywood film producer Paramount, will host rides themed upon some of the world’s largest blockbuster films, such as a Star Trek themed Land, and even a Mission Impossible training center.

The supposed plans for the 'Star Trek land'
The supposed plans for the ‘Star Trek land’

The project is set to begin construction in 2018, with the aim to open doors to the public in 2021. The park is estimated to receive up to 50,000 visitors every day and could produce up to 27,000 new jobs. Currently, the planned location is just outside of London, near a city called Kent.

The park, rumoured to hold the name ‘Paramount London’, is costing an estimated staggering 2 billion pounds. With exchange rates today this would make it about 1,320,000,000 euros and in Czech Koruna, an unbelievable 69744841070.00 CZK. But when finished could be as popular as world famous Disney Land.


Experts say the park will have a major impact on the British economy but much more planning must go into arranging accommodation to be able to withstand such an increase in tourism. The park will have a huge water park, theme park, theater, and accommodation. Yet still there’s no definite answers as to which Hollywood films will be produced into attractions so, let’s watch this space!


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