Students from Masarykovo University have mapped the smells and odors that can be found in Brno.

On the map, people can record data about what they can smell anywhere in the city. Smells range from the nice (pizza and french fries) to the not so nice (urine and vomit). According to project leader Martin Vérteši, this is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Since the map was launched last week, more than a hundred smells have been recorded.

You can find the map and record your own smells at and


Users are asked to determine what is causing the odor, its intensity and whether it is a reoccurring smell.

The website uses a voting system when more than one person makes a recording about the same place. “Because opinions on specific locations can be very different,” said Vertes. Similar maps still exist, for example in the US or Britain.