In the early 90’s after the fall of the regime, there was a huge thirst for discovery of the western inventions. Prague offered ideal conditions for start-up businesses, but it also meant a big step into the unknown. Only the bravest took the risk. Under these conditions, Bugsy’s bar was born, on Pařížská Street, a mecca for contemporary cocktail scene.

For most bartenders, the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise is still iconic and embodies the secret wishes of everyone, mixing drinks under the palm trees in Jamaica. In 1995, three friends decided one such dream to start in Prague. Cocktail in Prague was something unknown and unverified, most friends and family discouraged them from this crazy idea. Nobody believed that they might run a place that sells only mixed drinks. But the risk apparently paid off.

Competition is great today, bars grow like mushrooms after the rain, but to Bugsy’s bar, people return for classics and the welcoming environment. People like to say “it is our bar” and it is quite frequent in Prague to bump into bartenders that came from Bugsy’s. It seems that the bar scene in Prague is one big family.

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Child of a world with itchy feet and head full of dreams. Prague is my hometown and a place that will always inspire me . I am a lover of good stories and different cultures. Amazed by people's limitless creativity.