Wine harvest is in full swing throughout September and October, but Burčák season has officially started. A Czech specialty, Burčák is a type of young wine, made of partially fermented grape cider.

The law states that to be labeled a Burčák, the product has to be made of Czech or Moravian fruits and can only be sold between August 1 and November 30 of the year. The drink is considered to be a national treasure. Moravians are very passionate about the drink and claim that drinking seven liters per year guarantees good health in the upcoming year!


Winemaker Miloslav Machuča from Valtice in Moravia is one of the first winemakers to start selling burčák this year. “I am very happy with the harvest this year. We have more grapes compared to last year. Luckily, the cold did not affect our vineyards in Úvaly,” Machuča enthusiastically says. “We are starting off of Irsai Oliver, followed by Muškát and Müllet Thurgau. We will end the season with Veltliner,” he explained.

To enjoy a fresh glass of Burčák in Prague, one can take part in popular wine festivals called Vinobraní. There is a number of festivals celebrating the wine harvest, where locals like to enjoy a cup of Burčák accompanied by live music, entertainment, and traditional Czech food. The most popular one is festival Vinobraní Grébovka, which will take place on Friday, September 22 on Náměstí Míru from 2pm, and will continue throughout Saturday, September 23 in Havlíčkovy sady from 2pm till 10pm.

The event is free entry.

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