The first coffee shop in Prague where you can try up to 500 different table games is at Bohemia Boards & Brews in Vršovice.

Founded by Douglas Kaufman, he stated, “I came to Prague about 25 years ago to study FAMU for the summer. In the end, I never returned to America. So far I have been a marketing consultant, but I wanted to try something else while I love board games. I noticed that similar cafes opened in Canada and America but not in Prague.”

Bohemia Boards & Brews has become the first café in the city of Prague to offer a substantial number of board games. Entering, you pay a fee of 60 crowns and play for as long as you want. The trained staff explain the rules. “For the time being, we are running a trial and will officially start on Tuesday 3rd October. We will open every day except Mondays. Visitors can rent games in Czech, but also in English, German, French or Russian” added Kaufman.
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Photo: Lišková Michaela