The autumn season for the six-meter 350-year-old oak “Prastanek” by František Skála has been launched. The tree has been moved to Kasárna Karlín in Prague 8.

During the summer many cultural events were organized regularly at the tree by owner Ondřej Kobza. However, the city has not allowed it to stay in this area so František Skála found it a new home in the recently opened cultural center in Prague 8.

“We want it to work even in winter,” said Tereza Darmovzal, the spokeswoman of Kasarna Karlín. From 4am to midnight from Monday to Sunday, you can enjoy the Prastanek spirits for 35 crowns, a medium Křižík for 39 crowns and small for 27 crowns.

Now you can also find two sculptures from the exhibition that ended a few days ago in the Wallenstein Riding School, namely a statue of a unicorn and then a tripod.
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