Dejvice in Prague 6 is nowadays considered one of Prague’s best neighbourhoods to live. The area is characterized by its rich history dating back to the late Roman period and more recently in the 19th century it developed into the metropolitan centre we see today. Therefore thanks to the architecture from that period the spirit of the First Republic clearly dominates.

Local patriot Matěj Záhorský, found inspiration in this area as well and fulfilling his dream he founded a local, Café Záhorský.

At the crossroad of Dejvická Street and Eliášová Street, in the unofficial heart of Dejvice, stands the former town hall from the 20s. Here is where Záhorský opened his family cafe. Matěj has many regulars who he and his staff know well, just as it was back in time. Although the interior is modern in style.

The space is truly unique, thanks to its great street view and high ceilings. Its minimal design with inventive organic elements from Magdalena Rochová’s workshop won the cafe the award of the Interior 2015.

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