[:en]This summer in Museum Kampa was open 7+1 Masters of Czech glass exhibition which is showing the works of Czech artist from the second half of 20th century, who contributed to the emancipation of glass as a sovereign material of free artistic creation.


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At the exhibition, we can see amazing space installations and sculptures made of glass which are connections of light and fragile and at the same time heavy and solid. The atmosphere of the exhibition is special because we can feel great ambition of that time and dedication to this unique material, treated in so many different ways.


Presented works are created by eight Czech artists: Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, René Roubíček, Věra Lišková, Jiří Harcuba, Václav Cigler, Vladimír Kopecký and Miluše Roubíčková.
The exhibition is open until 28.09.2016.

Beside this currently, in the museum, there are more great exhibitions from which I would set aside:

MUNCH KUPKA KOKOSCHKA … / Corporeality 1890-1921
The exhibition presents the works of Edvard Munch, Oskar Kokoschka, Jan Štursa, Auguste Rodin, Miloš Jirtánek, Bohumil Kubišta and others. The main subject of this exhibition is the manner in which the human body was depicted at the end of the 19th century and first twenty years of 20th century.
It is open until 11.09.2016.

Jiří Bielecki / Suspension
Surface, space, geometric forms. Bielecki was the painter, graphic artist and creator of objects whose art was reductive oriented. His work was in line with Op art, Concrete art, Minimalism and Kinetic art. He was one of the first members of Concretists’ club. The exhibition in Museum Kampa focuses on his creative period from the second half of the sixties and early seventies and its open until 28.09.2016.[:cs]Toto léto Muzeum Kampa otevřelo výstavu 7+1 Mistři českého skla. Výstava ukazuje díla českých umělců z druhé poloviny 20. století, kteří přispěli k emancipaci skla jako uznávaného materiálu pro uměleckou tvorbu.

11111 (2)


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