The Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats has started operating in Prague since January 1st, which will search for a series of fibs of the Russian Federation on the Internet and promptly expose them.

The centre will be subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic. It will be comprised of 20 people.

“Minister of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Milan Chovanec expects the employees of the centre will be able to report on misinformation and make the necessary changes in a few minutes after the appearance of fakes on the web,” the statement says.

The center will also struggle against the “propaganda of external forces.” Observers of Prague analytical center “European values” warn of the growth of the influence of the media, controlled by the Russian state.

One of the key tasks of the Centre for 2017 will be the defense of the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic from an external information influence. “Prague is particularly concerned about parliamentary elections scheduled for 2017. The Czech authorities believe that Moscow will try to influence public opinion in the country to support the pro-Russian parties.”