The high charges faced by most Czechs has now climbed up the political agenda.

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said on Monday he was firing his industry minister, Jan Mladek, accusing him of getting a poor deal for mobile phone customers.

Czech mobile operators prices are among the four highest in the European Union.

“Some countries have prices which are around a tenth of what they are in the Czech Republic. And when you look at the proportion of household budgets which are spent on mobile data, we are among the four most expensive states in the whole of the European Union,” said Sobotka.

The three main mobile operators, O2 Czech Republic, T-Mobile and Vodafone, have come under increasing fire from politicians over their charges.

President Milos Zeman, an opponent of Sobotka, must sign off on the cabinet change and could delay or refuse to appoint Sobotka’s proposed replacement.