Did you receive Christmas presents on Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic? Then they weren’t from Santa Claus but from Ježíšek. Ježíšek is a Christmas gift-giving figure in the Czech Republic who can be translated as Baby Jesus.

Ježíšek ‘Little Jesus’ brings presents during the Christmas Eve dinner and leaves them under the Christmas Tree. When they hear the bell ring, that means that Ježíšek had been and has left their presents under the tree.

During the totalitarian regime, the Soviets attempted to foist a Russian Christmas character upon the Czechs. This kindly gent, known as “Grandfather Frost”, held a position similar to that of Santa Claus. Grandfather was thoroughly rejected in the country, and now, the Czechs are waging the same sort of battle against Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

Ježíšek is a mysterious figure. Some see him as a grown-up Jesus, some see him as an angel or a star. Everyone has his or her own idea of how he might look like. And that is why Ježíšek is so loved!


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